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Affinda partners with BOLD

AUTHOR: Affinda Product Team

Affinda is pleased to announce the launch of a partnership with BOLD to deliver even higher resume parsing accuracy. BOLD is a provider of unique solutions that help people find jobs, and employers find people.

Under the partnership, any document that Affinda receives that has been created through the BOLD platform will be returned with perfect accuracy. This transforms the resume returned from these resumes using Affinda's Resume Parser from industry-leading to 100% accurate.

How does this work?

Documents created using the BOLD platform a marked with a hidden unique code. When submitted to the Affinda Resume Parser, we identify this code and send it back to BOLD. The response returned is the data included in the resume in a completely structured and accurate format, which we then map to the Affinda data schema to ensure that it is seamless for our customers.

The benefits of this partnership are included for all of our resume parsing customers at no additional cost.

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