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Confidence Levels & Auto-Validation

AUTHOR: Affinda Product Team

Our new confidence levels and auto-validation features are key to minimising the amount of human intervention required, saving time and money for you.

Confidence Levels

Affinda now returns the confidence levels to users, either via API or through the validation interface, so that users can more easily direct their attention to those fields that the model has less confidence in and therefore be more likely to be incorrect.

The confidence levels shown take into consideration:

  • That the data point selected by the model is correct

  • In the case of scanned images, the confidence that the model has that the capture of the text via OCR is correct


To reduce the amount of human intervention, auto-validation rules and thresholds can now be set so that users only need to validate a subset of all data fields. Within the Affinda web app, users can set their auto-validation threshold. Any data fields whose confidence level is above this user-set threshold will be auto-validated and not require any human to validate this data point.

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