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Introducing Job Match

AUTHOR: Affinda Product Team

Help candidates find the right job for them using our latest functionality release to our Search & Match product: Job Match.


Using the same technology as our Candidate Match solution, Job Match provides a ranked list of the most suitable jobs for a candidate. The solution is available via API or our easy-to-use interface can be embedded within your own platform. Benefits of the solution include:


Our smart technology understands the relative importance of search inputs to identify the most relevant results


Advanced AI technology can automatically match a candidate to a list of jobs


Choose whether to fully automate the process or create custom queries


Ranked list of jobs with scores broken down per category so you can understand why a job scored the way it did


Easy integration via API or with the Affinda Search UI embedded into your platform

Getting Started

To get started, we recommend testing the solution using our Search interface within the Affinda web app. Simply navigate to, upload some job descriptions for testing against, and then navigate to 'Job Match' to test the solution.

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